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(EMA Awards)


Kenafric Industries Ltd is fully committed to a quality policy which ensures that we are the leading manufacturers and exporters of high quality brands of Footwear and Stationery.

The policy adopts a quality management system structured to the ISO 9001-2008 Standards. This identifies the basic disciplines and procedures that are followed strictly to ensure the quality of the entire process, which includes sourcing and handling of raw materials, production manufacturing process and delivery to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.


  • Ensure all necessary information and training is provided to all employees within our organization for quality management.
  • Ensure full commitment to continued quality improvement plans.
  • Improve our ability to consistently meet and exceed our customers and consumers needs and quality expectations.
  • Increase customer and consumers confidence in our company.
  • Provide adequate resources and commitment for sustained corporate growth with enhanced quality.
  • Review the quality objectives regularly for continued suitability.
  • Compliance to legal and statutory regulations, and continuous improvement of our quality management systems.

This Quality Policy shall be reviewed whenever necessary to ensure its continued suitability.


We have been Practicing Kaizen since 2007. The KAIZEN philosophy is a continual process towards improvement.  We have been recognized by Kaizen Institute as Kaizen Practitioners and twenty of our staff has been awarded Certificates of Kaizen Practitioners.  Indeed, this principle has brought a great and positive change in all our operations as well as positive change in attitude.

Our focus is to do Kaizen every day as we understand that Kaizen is not separate from our daily work. With continual training and awareness we have managed to stay ahead as Kaizen Practitioners. We have ensured continual improvement that is focused at eliminating non value adding activities in our processes and systems.