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  • 20th June 1988: Footwear plant formerly opened by Mrs. Maniben Nemchand Shah. 

  • 20th December 1991: The extension to the western administration Block “A” was opened by Mrs. Ratanean Lalji Gosar Shah.

  • 20th December 1991: Confectionary plant officially commissioned by Mrs. Ratanean Lalji Gosar Shah.

  • 1994: The first standby power generator system was installed and commissioned.

  • 20th December 1997: EVA and rubber Plants officially commissioned by Mr. Velji Punja Shah.

  • 15th May 1998: The northern administration Block “B” (Head Quarters) officially opened by Mrs. Chandramani Velji Shah.

  • 4th June 2005: The new Kenafric confectionery complex, including silos, warehouse & a generator that is able to run all the machinery in case of power failure was opened by Mr. Bharat Shah.

  • 2007: Kenafric became an ISO and HACCP Certified company.

  • 2007: Kaizen was adapted as a management tool to ensure sustenance of international standards (ISO 9001 & HACCP) with continual improvement in operations efficiency and elimination of waste.

  • 26th September 2008: The Kenafric strategy team launched the strategy for the next 5 years up to 2013 to take us to the next level of being great.

  • 2009 Obama bubblegum was launched in the market among many other products that became very successful.

  • July 2009: We acquired the famous OYO brand from CGB Foods Ltd.

  • October 2009: Agro waste fired steam boiler was commissioned to ensure green operations.

  • July 2010: Stationary division was commissioned.

  • 2011: Chicklet gum line was started and became an instant success.

  • 2012: Became the only organization to win the prestigious energy management award three times in a row.

  • October 2012: Launched a Kshs 1 billion Confectionery machine which was commissioned by HON; Henry Kosgei Minister for Industrialization.


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